Friday, 14 January 2022

Year 1: History

Year 1 took part in a Victorian toy morning run by 'Teach-It-Through Drama'. The children were taken back to the late 1800s to Mrs Pollock's toy factory where they were given an introduction into working in her factory. The children were told they had to be up at 5am and would be given jobs such as scrubbing the windows, sweeping the floors, painting wooden toys and stitching clothes for dolls.

Mrs Pollock showed the children a range of Victorian toys that they would be making in her factory including china dolls, a wooden cup and ball, wooden spinners, wooden skittles and Jacob's ladder. They then got a chance to test out the toys, explored a cardboard theatre and learnt 'Here we go round the Mulberry bush.'

The children had a wonderful time and were enchanted by the design of the old toys. We discussed the differences in the materials used to make toys in the past. Throughout the morning, the children also took part in an old and new sorting activity and made their own dress up paper dolls.