Friday, 24 May 2013

Year 5 Greek Day

In the morning of Greek Day we decorated masks because in Ancient Greece actors wore masks so you could see what type of character they were. After break we made an owl out of clay. An owl was the goddess Athena’s symbol. Following lunch we held a mini-Olympics on the field. We participated in javelin, hurdles, sprinting and discus. Then we had a Greek banquet. The food was extraordinary, we could choose from grapes, raisins, salad, apples, humus, olives, honey cake, pitta bread and feta cheese. The drinks were either red or white 'wine'! Finally we tried to learn a Greek dance. Our costumes looked fantastic, we all had an amazing day.

By 5AW


On Tuesday, Year 2 were treated to a surprise visit from Frazzlepops. Born on the 6th May, Frazzlepops is an excitable chick who craves attention. She spent the afternoon chirping loudly in 2LB, making a notable contribution to the lessons! The children were happy to meet their new fluffy friend and know she will be well cared for by Nila and her family.

Year 2 Visit Thorndon Country Park

On Monday, Year 2 visited Thorndon Country Park. Armed with nets, trays and magnifying glasses, the excited children explored the woodland habitat. A fruitful pond-dipping session resulted in a good catch and the young naturalists marvelled at the newts, pond skaters and water boatmen that they had found. After a nature quiz, the children went in search of badgers, treading carefully to avoid any burrows. They were hopeful of spotting a black and white snout but, as badgers are nocturnal animals, they were all sleeping in the sett. After lunch, Year 2 made creepy crawlies out of clay, hunted for minibeasts under logs and built dens for the fairies. Despite the dreary weather, the children had a wonderful time learning about the natural world.

Friday, 17 May 2013

SATs Week Treat

Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils who completed the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) this week in Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Maths. The papers have been sent away to be marked and results will be available before the end of the school year. Today, as a reward for all their hard work, the children enjoyed an energetic extended P.E. lesson in Hacton Park. Well done Year 6!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Year 2 Visit St Andrew's Church

On Tuesday, Year 2 enjoyed an informative visit to St Andrew's Church. After taking a stroll through the graveyard to find the resting place of Captain Blood, the children participated in a range of activities including bell ringing and organ playing. The children also took part in a mock baptism of Shaun the Sheep with one lucky pupil playing the part of the vicar. We would like to thank St Andrew's for their hospitality and for making this educational visit so much fun.

Our Biscuit Boxes by 5AW

In year 5 we examined biscuit wrappers (and ate the contents!) to find out what information was on them. We thought about how we would design our own biscuit packets. After much hard work, we created our masterpieces. We brought in our own special ingredients to include in our baking experience. The finished products were placed into our fantastic boxes and then sealed. Then we took them home and ate them, they were mouth-wateringly yummy!

By 5AW

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Raffle Before School and Bake Sale

5PS are continuing to learn how to run campaigns. On Friday, at break and lunchtime, a group of children will be holding a bake sale to raise money for new litter bins in the playground and on the field. Impressed by their enthusiasm for the project, Mr Emes has promised to match any cash raised by the ambitious Year 5 pupils.

Raffle tickets will also be on sale to pupils and parents in the Small Hall before school. There are two tasty prizes donated by Mrs Lynch: a large chocolate cake and a large coffee cake. Tickets are only 20p each, so do support the children in their campaign if you can.

The Waving Cat of Japan

The Krazy Kat Theatre Company returned to our school to perform ‘The Waving Cat of Japan’. The magical, fun-filled play used puppets to tell the story of a wicked sorceress whose beautiful daughter fell in love with a prince. The sorceress gave the prince three seemingly impossible tasks to complete to win her daughter's hand in marriage. Luckily, the waving cat (a Japanese good luck symbol) helped him and (spoiler alert!) the prince got to marry the sorceress’s daughter.

The play was a visual treat and a particular joy for our hearing impaired children as the actors used sign language throughout; even the puppets signed. Thank you to the Krazy Kat Theatre Company for a wonderful performance and for spending time with our pupils after the show.

Harry: “It was good because of the signing. The puppets were great.”
Annalease: “They made everyone laugh.”
Lewis: “They acted very funny. The signing was really good.”
Caroline: “Very good acting and they made people laugh. Fantastic signing!”

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5PS Adopt a Snow Leopard

Year 5 have been learning how to run successful campaigns. Last week, pupils raised an impressive amount of awareness and money for their chosen cause. The team from 5PS have written this report:

On Friday 19th of March 2013 we held a cake and cookie sale in our campaign to save a snow leopard. Delicious cakes and cookies were baked by our excited team (with help from Elissa in 5AW). After advertising our event in assembly, we held a cake sale that was very successful. Cookies zoomed off the plate, chocolate fairy cakes flew off the table and scrumptious Victoria sponges were a huge hit with teachers and pupils. We were so happy to have raised over £80 because now we are able to adopt a snow leopard. Thank you for spending your money. We hope you enjoyed our cookies and cakes.