Friday, 31 March 2023

Literacy Week 2023: Harry Potter

For one week only, Hacton transformed into Hogwarts! We've had magic, owls, wands, potions, broomsticks and slime galore! Our children have fully embraced the theme and immersed themselves into the magical and mysterious world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. 

What a fabulous way to end a busy Spring term. We hope you all have an enjoyable and restful Easter break. 

Literacy Week Competitions

As part our Literacy week theme of Harry Potter, the children were invited to participate in a writing competition. There were lots of fabulous entries and although it was exceptionally difficult to choose the winners, the difficult decision had to be made! 

Well done to everyone who entered and to our winners below.

We also had a portrait drawing competition where the children could draw a member of staff as a character from Harry Potter. The entries were brilliant and once again, it was very difficult to choose the winners. 

Well done to everyone who took part and to our winners below. 

Literacy Week 2023: Winnie the Witch (EYFS)

This week, our EYFS has been transformed in to the home of Winnie the Witch. In their new role of witches and wizards, our children have created marvellous potions, made their very own wands, watched a magic show and even met real life owls! 

What a fabulous Literacy week we have had! 

Wizard of the Week (w/c 27th March)

In order to reward our pupils who have gone above and beyond in their learning each week and put in extra effort, each class teacher chooses one pupil to receive the E for Effort cup and certificate. As Hacton has turned into Hogwarts this week, it seemed only right to replace this week's E for Effort with 'Wizard of the Week'! 

Well done to our winning wizards - we are very proud of you all! 

Day 4 at Hogwarts: Science vs Magic Show

Hacton has truly experienced the magic of Harry Potter this week and what a fabulous way to finish our Literacy week activities with our very own spectacular magic show. The children were left in absolute awe of the magic and science that appeared in front of their eyes in the Science vs Magic show! As we know, a magician never reveals the secret behind a trick but that definitely hasn't stopped our children from trying to work it out!

Day 3 at Hogwarts: Potion Making

Potion making is a vital part of wizard school and this week, The Outdoors Project helped our children to create some exciting potions. After collecting the necessary ingredients around our Forest School site, the children were able to make their concoctions and watch the magic happen inside the potion pot. 

Thursday, 30 March 2023

Day 3 at Hogwarts: Drama

Behind the doors of Hogwarts lies a fascinating and magical place where each and every character from the Harry Potter series presents themselves in a unique and mysterious way. What better way for our children to fully immerse themselves in the Harry Potter experience than to participate in a workshop run by the drama students of Bower Park Academy. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Day 2 at Hogwarts: Nite Owls

Day 2 at Hogwarts has been a flying success! Every wizard needs to have a trusting companion and what better choice than an owl! Following an exciting show from Nite Owls where the owls showcased their flying skills, the children were able to have their photograph taken with Whisper.

Photographs will be available to order after the Easter break! 

Monday, 27 March 2023

Welcome to Hogwarts!

For one week only, Hacton has transformed into Hogwarts! The walls are awash with portraits, the children have been placed in their houses, the owls are in full flight and our wizards have already began creating their magical wands! 

We are so excited to see what the week has in store! 

Friday, 24 March 2023

Reception: Superhero Day

Hacton had their very own superheroes in school this week! The children had a day of fun activities and games, all related to their favourite factional and real life heroes. 

What a fabulous way to end our topic! 

Awesome Attendance Winners (w/c 20th March)

At Hacton, we have introduced a celebration of our attendance. Each week, as part of our assembly, we will announce who the Awesome Attendance winners are. They will get to have our Attendance cup for the week and will be rewarded with a treat in recognition of their fabulous attendance.  

See below for last week’s figures:  

Achievements of the Week (w/c 20th March)

Congratulations to our Times Table winners this week! These pupils have hopped aboard the Times Table train to continue their journey to becoming a Times Table Champion. They have worked exceptionally hard to learn and master their multiplication and division facts. 

Congratulations to our Reading and Poetry Superstrs this week! To achieve this award, all of these children have either read poems or books by their year group authors (Bronze is 5, Silver is 10 and Gold is 15). A big well done to this week's winners who have demonstrated great commitment and dedication to reading. 

Our Achievements of the Week winners should be very proud of their success!