Friday, 26 June 2015

Cake Competition Winner

A big thank you to everybody who entered our cake competition. All of your cakes were amazing. It was very difficult to decide which was our favourite but, after much deliberation, the competition winner was chosen.

Congratulations to our brilliant baker from year 2 who wins a family park ticket to Euro Disney Paris. Thank you to everybody who took part. Each entry received a wristband for this afternoon's Summer Fayre as a thank you.

Hacton PA

"My mum saw pigs at Marsh Farm and thought they might be good on a cake. I went round my auntie's house to make my cake. It took from after school until bedtime. My auntie only helped me put the cake in the oven - I did all the rest. It was a bit hard because I had to use a special sort of pen to draw the pigs' eyes. I was a bit sad because my mum said someone else might eat the cake... but I made an extra pig and I ate it!

"Everybody who made a cake stood up in assembly. I was surprised when my name was called out - I didn't think it was going to be me. I smiled because I was excited to be going to Disney with my little sister."

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Year 5 at Stubbers

Our Year 5 pupils had a fun-filled day out at Stubbers Adventure Centre where they participated in a range of challenging activities. The children improved their accuracy at archery, relished the thrill of riding on jet-skis, overcame their fear of heights on the high ropes, and developed the collaborative skills needed for the Team Challenge. They demonstrated the determination, bravery and skill required to succeed in all activities.

Keturah: "It was so exciting doing the team challenges. We had to climb up a wall, crawl through tyres and balance out our weight. The hardest activity was climbing up the wall, but we worked as a team and figured it out."

Lila: "My favourite activity was the high ropes because it was really, really, really fun. We were there for the whole day. It was the best day EVER!"

Thank you to all the parent helpers who either transported pupils or supervised groups - we couldn't have done it without you! With our well behaved children embracing challenges and displaying superb teamwork, the day was a hugely rewarding experience for all of Year 5.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Reception Visit Southend

The windy day did not dampen Reception children's spirits as they went on their school trip to Southend. With buckets and spades packed, they jumped on the coach for their journey to the seaside. This was a first time experience for some and a fantastic way to begin their topic on the Seaside and Holidays.

Lion class hunted for shells, built super sandcastles, dug deep holes and wrote their names with pebbles. Zebra class went on the train to the end of the pier where they saw fishermen catching their dinner. The children then ate their lunch in the shelter before walking the mile and half back to shore. Both classes (and some of the adults) then enjoyed a delicious ice cream. Lion class went on the pier for a brisk walk and looked out to sea, experiencing the thrill of the sea beneath their feet. Zebras used nets to fish for seaweed, shells and stones. All of the children had a great day and we would like to thank all of the adults involved in making Reception's first trip to the beach a huge success.


Friday, 19 June 2015

Sealyham 2015 - Day 5

With the sun blazing, groups 1 and 2 stepped into their harnesses as they travelled to St David's Head for a day of abseiling and coasteering. The children began with a brisk walk along the coast before 'bouldering' to perfect their climbing positions. Conquering their fears, children took the nerve-wracking step back off the cliffs and began their descent. A well earned break followed to allow the confident climbers to eat their sandwiches and celebrate their achievements. It was then time to travel in the opposite direction up the rocks. After a little seal spotting, the children walked back to meet the coach, but not before they'd had a delicious ice cream.

Group 3 spent their day on water: in the morning they worked in teams to build rafts which would transport them around a lake and in the afternoon they took to ready made boats to sail around. Despite a few capsized boats, the children enjoyed the thrill of being captains. In the evening, groups 1 and 2 played team games and it was group 3's turn to take on the assault course. With only one more day of activities to go, children got into bed excited about what Friday would bring.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sealyham 2015 - Day 4

As the birds led a joyful morning song, our happy campers rose from their slumber and headed back to the house for some much needed breakfast and tea. Refuelled and refreshed, there was no time to feel tired as the day's activities began.

Group 1 fought against the wind as they unfurled their sails and speedily transported themselves around the lake. Group 2 put their teamwork skills to the test as they competed against each other to build rafts that would enable them to cross the lake. Some were more successful than others and it wasn't long before all children took an unexpected dip! Group 3 jumped on surfboards and enjoyed showing off their skills as they rode the waves. Groups 1 and 2 swapped activities for the afternoon whilst Group 3 aimed for gold at the archery range.

The evening saw groups 1 and 2 turn into mud monsters as they braved the mighty Trim Trail. Smothered, covered and layered in mud, the showers were in full use upon return to the house. Even after a thorough wash there were still muddy ears to clean. Group 3 played team games and enjoyed laughing at their peers returning in mud!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Year 6 Activity Week - Day 2

Year 6 Activity Week continued with an arts and crafts day. Our creative pupils stayed in school and began making clay-head puppets. Based on their favourite characters from Bugsy Malone, Year 6 modelled heads from clay and made clothes from a variety of materials. The Tallulahs look fantastic in their 1920's dresses and the Fat Sams looks very authentic in their pin striped suits! Our pupils enjoyed the sunny weather and ate lunch together out on the field. This was followed by an energetic game of football and other ball games. The clay needs to dry fully before the children can paint the heads and add hair and accessories. When finished, the puppets will look fantastic!

Sealyham 2015 - Day 3

Armed with buckets and spades, all three groups headed for the picturesque Broad Haven for the beginning of their second full day of activities. Children enjoyed splashing in the sea, building sand castles and an interesting game of crounders (their very own mash up of cricket and rounders). Concluding with either an ice cream or a delicious hot chocolate, great fun was had by all. After a quick sandwich, group 1 headed back to the beach for an afternoon of scavenger hunting and jumping through the waves. Group 2 took to their kayaks for an afternoon on the water whilst group 3 jumped and skimmed the rocks during coasteering.

The evening welcomed the long awaited bivi. Tent creation and games in the forest were just a few of the exciting activities planned for our crazy campers!

As the night drew in, the Sealyham sleepover under the stars began, but not before marshmallows had been toasted and stories had been shared around the campfire. As the moon watched on, tired children snuggled down into their warm sleeping bags... and the snoring began!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Year 6 Activity Week - Day 1

Year 6 Activity Week began with a day trip to London. The group of twenty Year 6 pupils spent the morning surrounded by stars of film, music, sport and the world of politics in Madame Tussaud's. Hundreds of photos were taken as the children posed with their favourite waxworks. The Spirit of London Taxi Ride transported our pupils through the history of London and gave tired feet a welcome rest. Then the time came to watch a Marvel film in 4D. Screams, squeals and laughter could be heard as the children ducked from Spiderman's webs, dodged Wolverine's claws and were sneezed on by the Hulk - great fun! Feeling hungry, our pupils strolled to Regent's Park to eat their lunches in the sunshine. The children were impeccably behaved and all of the accompanying adults remarked what an absolute pleasure it was to share the day with them.

Our pupils can't wait for the fun to continue over the next few days and they are particularly looking forward to Adventure Island towards the end of the week.

Sealyham 2015 - Day 2

With no alarm clock necessary, our eager pupils were up bright and early ready for the first of many hearty Sealyham breakfasts. Fuelled for the day ahead, our thrill seeking pupils set off for their activities: Group 1 braved the Pembrokeshire coastline as they jumped, climbed and swam against the open waves whilst group 2 donned their bows and arrows to earn themselves their evening cutlery in a competitive Robin Hood style archery tournament. Group 3, however, were way above ground as they swung and climbed through the trees on the high ropes course. Many children faced and conquered their fear of heights.

As interesting sandwich combinations were consumed, the bell for afternoon activities sounded. It was group 1's turn to shoot for their supper whilst, in the water, group 2 enjoyed splashing and dashing around in the beautiful clear sea. Group 3 also took to the water to kayak in idyllic surroundings. Despite a few accidental capsizings, the children thoroughly enjoyed their first water activity of the week.

'Mud glorious mud' summed up the evening's activities as Group 3 faced the ultimate dirt challenge..... the Trim Trail. Soaked from head to toe in gloopy brown mud, the children and Mrs Dible thoroughly enjoyed their experience. Groups 1 and 2 had to trust each other as they pulled down their blind folds and followed the Nightline around the grounds of Sealyham.

The children are having a super time and are relishing the opportunity to take on exciting new challenges. We are so proud of them.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Active Kids Vouchers

We'd be grateful if parents and carers could check whether they have any more Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers that can be donated to our school. We need to send these to Sainsbury's by the end of this week. We can redeem the vouchers for a wide range of equipment that our pupils can use in their lessons. Thank you.

Sealyham 2015 - Day 1

Bulging cases and the prospect of an amazing adventure began the day for our year 6 pupils. The excited faces could mean only one thing: Sealyham 2015! After an early departure (thank you parents) the journey whizzed by and, despite the 290 mile trip, the children remained in good spirits.

Cheers erupted as, shortly after 3.30, the coach arrived at the Sealyham mansion. Following a quick tour of the site, a tasty dinner and questionable unpacking, the children completed the first of their evening activities: Groups 1 and 2 braved the assault cause whilst Group 3 temporarily lost their vision and had to rely on other senses on the Nightline. Muddier than expected, the children had never been so happy to have a shower!

After a well earnt hot chocolate, the tired but happy children headed off to bed full of anticipation of what the week ahead holds.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Pupil Spotlight: Grade 2 Violin Piece

At Hacton, there are talented pupils around every corner. We caught one Year 4 pupil practising her Grade 2 Violin piece, Flop Eared Mule, and thought she sounded fantastic.

"I'm studying for my Grade 2 Violin exam. I've been playing for nearly two years and I try to practise for about an hour every day. During my exam practice the pianist said my playing was very good. That made me feel confident about my exam. Next week I'm doing a duet at the Queen's Theatre as part of the Havering Music School Summer Concert. I went to the Langton's Summer Concert last week and the orchestra sounded amazing. When I get older I really want to play in a big orchestra."

Good luck in your exam. With playing as good as this you are sure to pass with flying colours!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sealyham Meeting

Thank you to Year 6 parents for attending the final meeting about the Sealyham activity week. The presentation from the evening is available below:

Year 5 Ancient Greek Day

Year 5 pupils enjoyed stepping back in time for Ancient Greek day. Dressed in authentic outfits (thank you parents!), our young time travellers began the day making Athena’s Owl in clay, an Ancient Greek shield and Olympic crown of Victory. During the afternoon, the children participated in Hacton’s version of the Olympics with javelin throwing, sprinting and long distance running. They retired to the hall to enjoy a typical Ancient Greek feast that included traditional food such as feta cheese, hummus, pita bread, and, of course, grapes. Refuelled, the children finished the day with some joyful Ancient Greek dancing.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Little Red Riding Hood by 1KR

In their Computing lessons, Year 1 created an ebook using Book Creator on the iPad. The children listened to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and all took a part in retelling the story. Pictures were chosen by the children and added to the pages. Our pupils are rightly proud of their brilliant book. We hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Language and Culture Week

Language and Culture Week was a busy and exciting time for our globetrotting pupils. Equipped with passports, each child travelled around the world to learn about at least 10 countries. Our pupils moved out of their usual classrooms to be taught by different teachers as they participated in a range of enriching cross-curriculum activities. Each activity was designed to teach a greater appreciation of another culture. In addition, all Key Stage 2 children took part in an Aboriginal workshop by artist Stephen Rowley, all Reception and Key Stage 1 children learnt Bollywood dancing with Foster's School of Dance and Year 6 opened their very own French Café that was visited by all pupils.

The children explored the Amazon Rainforest, experienced the energy of a carnival dance, created vibrant art inspired by other cultures and much more. Language and Culture Week came to an end with a whole school assembly. Our pupils relived their travels by watching a video of the week's activities, excited to see themselves on screen and be reminded of the fantastic journey around the world that they had shared.