Friday, 30 March 2012

End of Term Assembly

In the final assembly of the term, Hacton's pupils enjoyed a rare treat: a mini concert by the children from Year 2. Singing beautifully, the harmonious choir entertained the school with songs they had performed earlier in the week at the Infant Music Festival.

Listen to an excerpt from "Zoom" sung by the Year 2 children conducted by Miss Barnecutt:

Blue House enjoyed the sweet taste of success. With the stonking score of 378 points, they celebrated victory in the termly House Point competition beating Yellow House by a mere 11 points! As a reward, the children in Blue House were treated to cakes, biscuits and juice... served by the losing House Captains.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

All Aboard!

Equipped with boarding passes, Year 5 and 6 stepped aboard the decks of the Titanic on Tuesday afternoon when the Colin's Performing Arts Troup entertained them with a unique version of the tragic events of April 14th 1912. Waves of song, dance and drama washed over the children as the tale of the Titanic was portrayed in an entertaining and informative way enabling the children to develop their knowledge of the event which happened a century ago.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hacton Boys Dive for Lord Coe

Two Hacton boys were chosen to represent the borough in a special display for Lord Sebastian Coe last Friday. The double Olympic champion and Chairman of the 2012 Olympic committee, visited Hornchurch Sports Centre where he was treated to a display from the Havering Cormorants Diving Club. Matthew from Year 5 and Owen in Year 4 showed off their talents firstly in the dry side area, tumbling on the trampoline and diving from the dry boards. He then gazed on as the boys treated him to a display of dives from the 1m, 3m and 5m boards. Neither boy was fazed by diving for such a Superstar. Could Hacton have two budding Tom Daley’s gearing up for a future Olympics?

Infant Music Festival

On Friday our Year 2 pupils visited Langtons school to participate in the Infant Music Festival. Making the most of the theme of travel, they walked in the glorious sunshine taking in the sights of Hornchurch. Once there they sung their hearts out, played instruments and danced their socks off. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

India Day at Hacton

Last week, the colours, tastes and sounds of India came to Hacton School. The Year 4 geography project on India came to an exciting end with a day of Indian culture and customs. Children dressed up in Indian clothes or wore bright colours, and teachers and assistants showed off their saris. In the morning, the children led a Chembakolli Tea Party for the Year 1 classes, where they taught the younger children a tea dance, tasted tea from Chembakolli and played Indian games together. Year 4 also made vegetable samosas, Indian bracelets, Rama and Sita shadow puppets and beautifully decorated kites. The day came to a magical end with a workshop on Bollywood dance, where the children learnt a routine and even choreographed their own sections of the dance. All the children agreed that India day was great!

A massive thank you to parents for sending their children to school in colourful clothes and an even bigger thank you to the parents who came in to help.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Rotary Club Schools Quiz - Round 2

On Thursday, Hacton's excited contestants, Charlie, Sachin, Lauren and Grace, headed for the next quiz challenge at Branfil Primary. At first, Hacton were on great form, just two points away from the lead, but their luck soon changed. How many legs does a spider have? How many Cents are in a Euro?: these are some of the simple questions that weren't given to Hacton. With everything to play for in the second round, the diligent team decided to up their game and they shot to second place. Despite finally losing to the hosts, Branfil, there is still the possibility of securing a place as highest loser in the final. Fingers and toes crossed! As the Rotary Club leader remarked: "Just remember, we're all winners!".

By Grace (Year 6)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 20th of March, Year 6 and a few Year 5 pupils visited Abbs Cross school to compete in a swimming gala. Backstroke, Freestyle and Breaststroke: These were the techniques that the Hacton children used. Jacob shot to success in the heats of the boys' Backstroke singles and won a place in the final, coming 4th out of 20 children. Lauren, Jordan, George, Rebecca and Matthew narrowly missed 1st place in their singles heats and the rest of the Hacton heroes (who swam the medley and freestyle relays) tried their best and put in amazing performances. Well done to everyone who participated!

Written by Isabella, Lauren and Ellen (Year 6).

Friday, 16 March 2012

Science Fun with Professor Kaos

"Amazing", "exciting" and "chaotic": these were the words used to describe the experiments undertaken by Professor Kaos during the whole school assembly science show today. The children were literally 'blown away' by the air experiments demonstrated. An enthusiastic audience were thrilled by the attempts to hit Mr Grant and Mr Ferns with air-powered rockets and amazed by the power of airzookas to move curtains at the opposite end of the hall. Who would have thought that a small amount of spinning air moves a much greater distance than the air moved by a hall full of children all blowing in the same direction?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Meeting for Nursery Mums

All Nursery mums are invited to school tomorrow to hear a special Mother's Day song that their children have been preparing. Afterwards, mums are welcome to stay for tea, coffee and cakes.
  • The morning meeting is at 10.15
  • The afternoon meeting is at 2.15
We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In January 2010 we experimented with using Facebook to communicate information about school opening during snowy weather. The response was overwhelmingly positive and it was clear that, like the rest of the World, most of our parents were on Facebook. Since then, we have developed our Blog to help raise awareness of events and to celebrate the achievements of our pupils. We have a goal in mind when we communicate with you using Facebook and our Blog: If parents are better informed they attend more workshops and events, if we share some of the inspiring work that goes on in the school it can strengthen the sense of community and engagement.

We were pleased to see that we now have 500 Likes on Facebook. For a school with just over 400 pupils we think that's quite impressive! We know that our blog is not only read by staff, parents and pupils but also grandparents, other family members and friends. We are always striving to improve the way we communicate so please continue to Like, Comment and Share the stories we put on the Hacton Blog.

Thank you for supporting our school.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Hacton 6 - 0 Brady

On Wednesday 7th March Hacton played Brady. Conditions were sticky under foot as it had rained earlier that day but the sun was shining. Within 2 minutes of the match starting Kevelle scored a goal as he pounced on the rebound from Jack’s shot to set the score line at 1 - 0. Soon after Morgan gave David Beckham a run for his money, seeing the goalkeeper off his line and curling the ball into the top right hand corner from the halfway line. 2 - 0. Shortly after Hacton were finding lots of opportunities but couldn’t score. “Foul!”, called the referee, which led to Morgan’s second goal straight from the free kick. 3 - 0! With minutes to spare in the first half, Jack scored his second goal of the season to bring the score to 4 - 0 to Hacton. What a first half!

At the start of the second half Charlie showed some unbelievable skill as he crossed the ball to Aaron. Brady’s three defenders were caught napping and out of position. Aaron caught the end of the cross and only had the goalkeeper to beat. He couldn’t miss . . .  or could he? He scored to make it 5 - 0. The opposition pushed more men forward and, as Morgan cleared the ball, Charlie saved the ball from going out of play. This led to some neat passing on the edge of the area from the Hacton boys finished off emphatically by Aaron who blasted it into the top left corner. 6 - 0 to complete Hacton’s record result in a game that saw a contender for goal of the season from Morgan. Man of the match went to Aaron after an excellent game but it could have gone to anyone in Hacton's high-scoring team.

A report by Aaron and Charlie, 6JF

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Year 6 Visit the Science Museum

The force was strong with Year 6 on Tuesday as they spent an exciting day at the Science Museum. With the help of Phil the Frog and Stunt Barbie, Newtons 3 Laws of Motion were explained and demonstrated during the Feel the Force show. Nicole, Hollie, Kristie and James all enjoyed assisting with demonstrations of friction, magnetism, upthrust, gravity and air resistance. After exploring Launch Pad, the day ended with a blast at the Flash, Bang, Wallop demonstration of explosions. All the children were exceptionally well behaved throughout the day and enjoyed developing their understanding of forces in action.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Amazing self-portraits by 5MD

Artist Julian Opie’s style was brought into the public eye when he was asked to design the cover for a compilation by British band Blur. On the cover, the band members are transformed into Opie’s style.

With the Face Britain project deadline looming, Year 5 decided to explore Opie’s style and create a self-portrait. Cleverly using our school image editing software the pupils have had an enjoyable time designing the Opie inspired images. Can you figure out how we made these images and more importantly do you see our resemblance?

Click image to zoom

Monday, 5 March 2012

What a load of Wallys!

Literacy week came to an exciting conclusion on Friday as the children and staff all dressed as their favourite book characters. Wally was incredibly popular (Where's Wally?) with both children and teachers sporting the infamous red and white stripes. Throughout the week, the aim has been inspire a love of reading and literacy through a range of activities: Music, Art, Drama, visiting Authors and theatre groups. During the final 2 days, all classes received the rare treat of being taught by every teacher from Reception to Year 6; as the teachers visited each class and shared a range Literacy based activities. Thank you to everyone involved in making Literacy week a huge success once again.

Year 6 Conferencing

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week Year 6 parents are invited to conferencing appointments to discuss their child's progress. Any parents who are unsure of their appointment time, please contact the class teacher for confirmation.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Hacton 1 - 0 Hacton!

On Tuesday afternoon Mr Grant's team faced Mr Ferns' team in a Hacton football fest! Mr Grant’s team got off to a flying start which paid off when Aaron turned sharply in the box and scored a lucky goal. However, Mr. Ferns' team also struck lucky when Sam got a touch on the ball from a penalty taken by Jack. Straight after Mr. Ferns' team went on the counter attack with Hakan skimming the post. Without worrying, Mr. Grant's team came back with Jack having a shot; but Sam kept it out. In the last minutes of the game Aaron crossed the ball into the box but the goal was well defended by Charlie and Harry. Final score 1-0 to Mr. Grant's team.

Written by Jack and Hakan (Year 6)