Friday, 23 November 2012

Year 6 World War II Day

Year 6 have been studying the lives of children in wartime Britain and on Tuesday they experienced it for themselves during World War II Day. Pupils and staff got into character and dressed in some wonderfully authentic costumes. Gas mask boxes and gas masks were made while the uplifting music of Vera Lynn played in the background. This was interrupted by the terrifying sound of air raid sirens which sent children scurrying under their desks for safety. In the afternoon, pupils followed an authentic World War II recipe to make some delicious carrot cookies. They also tasted 1940's fruit cake and biscuits and compared them with modern day treats! The day was enjoyed by all and pupils gained a greater appreciation of the challenges faced by children during World War II.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Year 5 Victorian Day

Year 5 pupils experienced a Victorian school day last week. Strict discipline was maintained at all times. Any child who broke the rules had to stand in the corner and wear the dunce hat or worse still receive the cane! Here are some of the children's thoughts on their day:

When I first walked into the classroom I was petrified but I got used to it after a while. (Oscar)

Everyone got their nails checked to see if they were clean. If they were dirty then you would have to wear the dunce hat. (Chloe)

We did handwriting, times tables, a whole lesson on a potato, a Victorian PE lesson and Victorian house building. Mrs Wiggins was really scary and so was Mrs Norman. (Lewis)

To answer a question you needed to stand and then the teacher said your surname and in the playground you could not talk with the girls. Did you know that the Victorian's said that boys were more important than girls! (Filipe)

The boys and girls were separated, the desks were moved around, everyone ended up in the dunce's corner. It was scary. (Jamie)

I got put in the corner because I accidentally gave out too many worksheets. It was really hard. I feel sorry for Victorian children. But at the end of the day it was alright and I enjoyed it. (Ashani)

Victorian day was very scary at first but then it got easier and we all got the hang of it after a while. Our class found it hard to imagine how difficult it would be for a real Victorian child to have to do that every day. Luckily no one got the cane so we were all very happy. (Livi)

Friday, 16 November 2012

We Raised Lots by Wearing Spots!

Staff and pupils entered the fundraising spirit today and wore something spotty to raise money for this year’s Children in Need campaign. In addition to non uniform day, School Council representatives worked hard all week selling raffle tickets to win Build-A-Bear Pudsey and Blush teddies. The winning tickets were picked in assembly and the teddies now have new homes with two delighted children. As a result of these fundraising activities our school has raised over £600 for this worthy children’s charity. Thank you to parents and pupils for your support.

A Visit from the Owl Man

This week, Reception and Nursery had a visit from the Owl Man who brought some magnificent birds to our school. Children were very excited to meet the owls up close, watch them fly around the Small Hall, see them eat and learn about their habitats; they were even allowed to stroke the Eagle Owl and the Barn Owl. Their favourites were the cheekiest owls: Tito the Barn Owl and Pod the very young Burrowing Owl.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Year 6 Visit the Globe Theatre

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble”

Witchcraft, love, betrayal, friendship,and ambition: These were the themes for the day when Year 6 visited Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on Tuesday. Following a tour of the famous theatre, Hacton's budding thespians enjoyed drama workshops where they explored the characters in one of Shakespeare's most famous plays.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Win Pudsey and Blush!

This week, Hacton Primary's School Council are giving you the chance to win Build-a-Bear Pudsey and Blush teddies in support of BBC's Children in Need. School Council representatives will sell raffle tickets at the following times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
  • Nursery and Reception - Assembly time and Afternoon Registration
  • Year 1 and 2 - Afternoon Registration
  • Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 - Morning break time in the Small Hall
Tickets are £1 a strip and the draw will take place Friday morning at the end of Assembly. Thank you for your support.

Autumn Term Update

Despite the dark evenings and wintry weather, the second half of the autumn term looks set to be an action-packed build up to the Christmas festivities. Plenty of exciting activities have been planned including school trips, sports competitions, themed days and theatre visits. Tomorrow Year 6 will be treading the boards at the Globe Theatre whilst Year 3 will be ship shape at the Golden Hinde. On Thursday Year 5 step back in time to experience a school day in the life of a Victorian child. Spots is the theme for Friday, as we support Children in Need with Wear Something Spotty day. Please remember to check our regularly updated School Calendar for the latest details!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Inter-House Netball Competition

Despite the wintry weather conditions, pupils in KS2 took to the netball court to battle it out in the annual Inter-House Netball competition. Raucous cheers echoed around the playground as the teams (consisting of children from each year group) played valiantly for the honour of their house team. The action was end to end, with Amy, Freddie, Alfie and Louis proving to be the goal scoring heroes; however top scorer of the tournament was Yellow House Captain George. Desperate to retain the title, Yellow team battled against the formidable Green team in a tense play off. Unfortunately, neither side was able to score. Finally, the tournament result was announced... a draw!

Congratulations to the House Captains for arranging the smooth running of the event and special thanks to Mr Pinkham and Mr Grant for refereeing the matches.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Year 3 Trip to Eastbury Manor

Shortly before the half term break, Year 3 kick-started their Tudor topic with a fun-packed trip to Eastbury Manor. 54 children, teachers and mums made their way by train to Upney and walked the short distance to the Tudor Mansion that was once the home of the Sisley family. Whilst there, they learnt about Tudor food, childhood in Tudor times and the roles of people in the house. They got to dress up, play games, smell the fragrant herbs in the herb garden and look at and touch items that would have been used in the house over 500 years ago.

There was even time for a quick game of skittles for Miss Smith and Mr Grant before lunch. Mr Grant knocked down 9 and Miss Smith scored 3. Although gracious in defeat, Miss Smith is certain that she let Mr Grant win!