Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sealyham 2016 - Day 6

Friday saw the final day of activities for our Sealyham adventurers. Group 1 had to put team work into action as they built rafts to compete in a race across a lake. One team reigned victorious as the other team spent most of the race in the water, swimming after floating barrels! Groups 2 and 3 headed into the woods to learn the art of bushcraft: making fire, building shelters and identifying how nature can help in survival were just a few of the tasks completed. Group 4 headed to the beach for their turn to surf the waves and, with the sun making another welcomed appearance, a wonderful time was had by all.

In the afternoon, group 1 stepped into harnesses as they took on the high ropes course while group 2 headed to the water for a much enjoyed coasteering session. Group 3 donned their wetsuits for the final time for their chance to ride the galloping white horses of Newgale Beach. Group 4 however remained on dry land at the archery range perfecting the art of firing arrows.

To conclude the week, all our children were presented with certificates to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements; the instructors were so impressed with how all of our outstanding pupils had thrown themselves into every activity, conquered fears and supported each other. As the moon smiled down on us for the final night in the Sealyham mansion, everyone partied at the disco and celebrated the end of a fantastic week. A week to remember forever.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Sealyham 2016 - Day 5

With the early mornings getting tougher, our sleepy students dragged themselves from their slumber ready for another busy day.

Group 1 enjoyed their morning kayaking whilst group 2 had to build their own rafts to transport themselves across the lake. In the afternoon, Group 1 were on target at the archery range while Group 2 headed back to the water, but this time they didn't have to make their own boats!

Groups 3 and 4 spent the day at St David's Head where they abseiled and rock climbed the cliff edge. The glorious weather enabled wonderful views out to sea. As a reward for the the long walk back down from the clifftop, the day ended with a well-deserved ice cream.

Later, groups 1 and 2 headed to the woods to enjoy an evening around the camp fire whilst groups 3 and 4 played games.

Although tired now, the children continue to be a real credit to their parents and to our school.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sealyham 2016 - Day 4

Bursting through the clouds, glorious sunshine marked the beginning of another exciting day for our Sealyham adventurers.

Group 1 enthusiastically headed to the beach with their surf boards, ready to ride the waves. Group 2 had their bows and arrows ready at the archery range. Group 3 took to their boats to manoeuvre their way around the Sealyham lake. Group 4 had to work as a team to build a raft that would transport them across the water; to say that they all ended up wet would be an understatement!

The afternoon was a great opportunity for all our groups to enjoy spending time together on the beautiful Broadhaven beach. Building sandcastles, licking ice creams and playing Brazilian-style football ensured that a brilliant time was had by all.

In the evening, groups 1 and 2 took on the assault course and, despite the mud and challenging obstacles in their way, they worked as a team to return all their group to the finish line. Groups 3 and 4 headed into the woods for an evening around the campfire; toasting marshmallows, barbecuing sausages and singing songs made for a very enjoyable evening.

Midweek tiredness has certainly kicked in: the sound of snoring children echoed quite quickly through the corridors at bedtime, much to the teachers delight!

Sports Days 2016

A smaller field and typical British weather were no obstacle to four fantastic Sports' Day events this year. First was the turn of our Infant children. After a closely fought competition, Blue house were the victors with 92 points. Next, our Junior pupils took to the field. After a thrilling contest in which the second, third and fourth placed teams swapped places repeatedly, Green house took the honours with 168 points. Finally was the turn of our youngest sportspeople. Two fantastic competitions took place, which were greatly enjoyed by children and spectators alike. Thank you to all of the parents who attended the sports days; the children really appreciated your support. We hope that you enjoyed  - and the view of our brand new school!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sealyham 2016 - Day 3

Waking from their well deserved sleep, our Hacton thrill-seekers prepared for another action packed, fear slaying day of breathtaking activities.

Groups 1 and 2 took to St David's Head to spend the day admiring the picturesque Pembrokshire coastal path whilst they abseiled down and climbed the cliff edge. Despite the fear that gripped many children, our intrepid adventurers bravely soldiered on and did not let anxieties win; they faced and conquered their fears.

Group 3 began their day by dodging waves, scaling rocks and jumping into the fresh open waters of the blue lagoon. In the afternoon, they continued their quest to defeat their fear of heights, this time on dry land (or hanging above it!). The high ropes course proved a challenge for many of group 3, but no one was defeated and all were victorious at the end of the session.

Group 4 gained a fascinating insight into survival in the unruly wilderness. Amazingly, our future survivalists were so impressive at building shelters and starting fires that they considered setting up an outdoor camp for the rest of the week. The teachers persuaded them otherwise: they enjoy their comfy beds too much! In the afternoon, Group 4 traversed the coastal path. The route was so intense that Mr Teasell's GoPro camera (that he bought in the week before the trip) is now at the bottom of the sea capturing some excellent footage of Welsh crabs and fish.

The evening was an opportunity for groups 1 and 2 to play a variety of team building games whilst groups 3 and 4 were blindfolded for the Night Line. As the activities drew to a close, everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to both Kerry and Connie; it was certainly a birthday they won't forget in hurry!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Sealyham 2016 - Day 2

As the sun peeked through the breaking clouds, our excited pupils arose from their slumber and enjoyed a hearty cooked breakfast.

Excitedly, Group 1 headed to the coast to clamber over rocks and conquer their fears with giant leaps into the sea. Group 2 also encountered the challenge of the wetsuit as they rode the waves at Newgale Beach. In true Robin Hood style, Group 3 had to earn their cutlery for dinner through a series of tasks at the archery range whilst Group 4 were mini Mowglis as they glided through the trees on the adrenaline pumping high ropes course!

The afternoon saw roles reversed, as both groups 3 and 4 took to the water to kayak and build rafts (which only lasted a few minutes!). Bear Grills was given a run for his money as Group 1 learnt the art of bushcraft whilst Group 2 tackled the high ropes.

As the sun sank below the horizon, baths of mud were enjoyed by groups 1 and 2 as they took to the Trim Trail. Like army officers, groups 3 and 4 crawled through the assault course, working as a team to ensure that their entire group made it back in time for hot chocolate.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Sealyham 2016 - Day 1

As they waved goodbye to their families and the sunshine, our Year 6 pupils set off on the adventure of a lifetime: Sealyham 2016! After successfully making it over the Welsh border (despite the forgotten passports!) the anticipation of what the coming week would bring flooded the coach. The journey seemed to fly by and before they knew it, the grandeur of the Sealyham mansion was in front of their very eyes.

Groups 1 and 2, began their week on the Night Line. With their vision impaired by a blindfold, excitement filled the air as they ducked and dived through the maze of twigs, tunnels and tree trunks. Groups three and four on the other hand faced the notorious Trim Trail... a bath of mud and.... more mud! Despite the torrential rain, our adventurers' spirits were not dulled as they all got stuck into their first Sealyham activities.

After sipping a well earned hot chocolate, children settled down for what we hope will be a great first night's sleep.

Friday, 17 June 2016

E for Effort

Every week, teachers recognise pupils in their class who have made an extra effort. These pupils are awarded the E for Effort cup in front of the whole school during our Friday morning assembly.

Congratulations to all the wonderful children who made an extra effort this week.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

E for Effort

Every week, teachers recognise pupils in their class who have made an extra effort. These pupils are awarded the E for Effort cup in front of the whole school during our Friday morning assembly.

Congratulations to all the wonderful children who made an extra effort last week.

Loom Band Sale Raises £125

Shortly before half term, we held a loom band and cake sale. We worked at break and lunch time. We were selling cakes, loom bands and pink lemonade. Also there was a raffle and guess the rat's name game. We raised £125 for Cancer Research UK. At the beginning of the sale it was jam packed, just like some of our cakes! We had been planning this for a long time so we were very happy to finally get to do it. We all enjoyed selling the cakes and were amazed to raise so much money for charity.

By Lily (Y4)

Friday, 3 June 2016

JTAs Visit the London Transport Museum

As a thank you for their hard work to support safer, sustainable transport around our school, Year 5 Junior Travel Ambassadors were treated to a day at the London Transport Museum organised by Havering Road Safety Officer, Elaine Keeler.

This fantastic interactive museum gave our pupils the opportunity to climb inside the earliest underground train carriages, play bus announcements from the driver's seat, drive Tube train simulators and explore the fascinating history of transport in London. Did you know that the first London horse-drawn Omnibus ran in 1870 and it wasn't long before horses produced 1000 tonnes of dung on London's roads every day!

After a lunch break, the children took part in a poster workshop that included JTAs from other Havering schools. They looked at the first Underground poster and learnt about the importance of posters as a means to communicate important messages as well as promote travel around the city. Tasked with creating their own eye-catching poster to promote bus travel to their local area, our artistic JTAs had just 20 minutes to produce their masterpiece. With its bold text, 'Hop off at Hornchurch', and colourful illustrations, the children's poster was very eye-catching - one of the most important features of a successful poster. Well done!

The day was a great success. The children were a credit to our school displaying enthusiasm, creative skill and impeccable behaviour. Our brilliant JTAs now have a greater understanding of the history and importance of public transport in London.