Tuesday, 29 November 2011

In the Romford Recorder

Very well done to Kumari (Year 5) who won the Brewery shopping centre's Search for a Star competition. Kumari performed ‘I Have a Dream’ at the switch on of the Romford Christmas lights on Thursday 17th November. She sang fantastically and with lots of confidence in front of hundreds of people who had gathered for the ceremony. The Romford Recorder featured a large photograph and a quote from the talented singer.

Local journalists were also interested to hear about our World War II day. Read their report below:

Thursday, 24 November 2011

All hail Macbeth, who shall be king!

Love, betrayal, friendship, witchcraft and ambition: These were the themes for the day when Year 6 visited Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on Tuesday. As the fog hovered over the Thames like the dense mist on a Scottish heath, Hacton's budding thespians enjoyed drama workshops and a tour of the famous theatre.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hacton 1 – 2 La Salette

In a hard fought match the Hacton boys were unlucky to suffer their first defeat of the season. At half time they went in 2 goals down but rallied for the second half and came out battling. Even after suffering injuries to 2 players, they worked hard and it paid off when Jack turned sharply in the box before placing the ball into the bottom right corner of the net. Sadly the team couldn’t get the equaliser but they finished with their heads held high.

Victorian Day

Year 5 pupils and teachers stepped back in time to experience a day at school in the Victorian era. Dressed for the occasion and wielding canes, Mrs Sanderson and Mrs Deane ensured that strict discipline was maintained at all times. Any child who broke the rules had to stand in the corner and wear the dunce hat or worse still receive the cane! Victorian school rules that had to be followed included:
  1. Pupils must stand up to answer questions and wait for permission to speak.
  2. Students must call teachers “Sir” or “Ma'am”.
  3. Children must stand when an adult enters the room.
  4. Pupils must use the right hand for writing at all times.
  5. Students must not ask questions.
  6. Talking and fidgeting will be punished.
  7. Children who do poor work or behave badly will be caned.
Despite the harsh rules and even harsher punishments, pupils enjoyed dressing up and learning about Victorian times. However, they were very relieved to remove their caps and bonnets and return to the present day!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Show Your Spots, Let’s Raise Lots!

Staff and pupils entered the fundraising spirit today and wore something spotty to raise money for this year’s Children in Need campaign. In addition to non uniform day, School Council representatives worked hard all week selling raffle tickets to win Build-A-Bear Pudsey and Blush teddies. The winning ticket was picked in assembly and the teddies now have a new home with the delighted Tibbi (Year 3). Through the two charity events organised by the School Council and fundraising events in the Nursery, over £650 was raised for this worthy children’s charity. Thank you to parents and pupils for your donations and support.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

World War II Day

Gas masks, rollers, flat caps and headscarves: these were just some of the accessories sported by children and staff as they entered into the spirit of the Blitz for World War II day. Excited Year 6 children welcomed a special visitor, Winston Churchill, who was accompanied by his assistant Wren Robertson. The local historians (David and Pauline Scott) entertained the children throughout the morning with stories of life during the War and fascinating memorabilia from that time. After devouring a non-rationed lunch, the happy historians enjoyed an energetic session learning to dance the Jitterbug. To regain their strength, the children used a wartime recipe to bake delicious carrot cookies. The day was a great success, enabling all the children to develop an understanding of life as a child during World War II.

Friday, 11 November 2011

St Albans 0 – 2 Hacton

The Hacton boys put in another hard working performance and received their reward with two first half goals. The first goal came from a counter attack with Aaron breaking away and coolly slotting the ball past the opposition goalkeeper. Five minutes before half time Morgan, who had pushed up into midfield, broke forward and powered the ball into the opposition goal. The defence remained solid, William made some excellent saves and the team worked hard to protect their well deserved lead. Well done boys!

Year 6 Visit Chatham Docks

Year 6 stepped back in time on Wednesday when they visited Chatham Dockyard for a World War II experience. Excitement overwhelmed the Hacton historians as they eagerly participated in a range of activities which included exploring HMS Cavalier, dancing the jitterbug and spending time in an air raid shelter. Without a doubt the most popular activity was food tasting. Comparing modern food to WWII recipes helped the children appreciate the choices they have today...particularly where fish paste is concerned. No one can deny the trip was a resounding success with the only problem being the M25!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

5MD - Teachers for the Afternoon

On Tuesday 5MD were teachers for the afternoon. They had been researching and writing recipes in Literacy lessons and on Tuesday afternoon, in groups, they went into Year 4 classes to show them how to make and decorate biscuits. Year 5 decided to teach how to make biscuits in the shape of scarab beetles, as Year 4 are learning about Ancient Egypt and the scarab beetle is an Egyptian good luck charm. They helped them to weigh out ingredients and prepare the biscuit mix. Soon a mouth-watering smell of baking biscuits was wafting down the corridor and by the end of the afternoon the biscuits were beautifully decorated. 5MD excelled in their teaching role and Year 4 showed that they were Master Chefs in the making!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Year 2 Vist the London Transport Museum

On Thursday 3rd November, Year 2 visited the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. We travelled on the District Line then saw some of the first underground trains that were used on the same line over 100 years ago! As we walked round the Museum we collected stamps that showed different types of transport through the ages, from a horse and cart to The Mayor’s New Bus for London. The trip gave us plenty of ideas for our latest DT project: to design a vehicle.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Hacton 0 – 0 Elm Park

The first match of the season for the school football team, against Elm Park, was a battling encounter where the defences came out on top. Fighting against the wind and rain the Hacton boys covered every blade of grass and put in some crunching tackles but neither team could find the net. The team produced a solid defensive performance to start the season that they can be proud of.

Year 3 Visit the Golden Hinde

On Wednesday Year 3 travelled back in time to experience life as cabin boys on the Golden Hinde. Guided by one of  Sir Francis Drake's officers, we learnt about the duties of those sailing on the ship, the many gory punishments that were suffered and the rewards that could be had. With a cry of ‘heave ho’ we practised firing the cannons and with a round of ‘What shall we do with the drunken sailor’ we lifted the anchor. Even with the threat of being sent up the rigging to be the ship's lookout, all the children bravely volunteered for the next voyage of the Golden Hinde.