Friday, 12 February 2021

Year 6: Pancake Bonanza

Year 6 have shown their fantastic culinary skills this week - taking  part in our Year 6 pancake competition. 

There have been stacks of American style pancakes,  plates full of crepe style pancakes and a whole host of toppings shown on them too including: maple syrup, Nutella, berries and lemon and sugar - the list is positively endless. We even had a fabulous pancake flipper: this really impressed us! They have also focused on their presentation skills and have really put Miss Emes, Mrs Batty and Mrs Marriner to shame! 

The winner is yet to be announced...we will keep you guessing and let you know on the Monday that we return to Hacton at Home. 

Well done Year 6 - we look forward to seeing more of these skills being shown off in the coming weeks.  Have a fabulous half term!