Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Reception: Maths Challenges

This week in Maths, our Reception children have been learning how to estimate. They have been making sensible guesses about how many objects they can see and have then checked the amount by counting. Lots of Children have taken part in the daily challenge of estimating different things and have enjoyed sending in their estimate to the teachers. 

Monday Challenge: how many sweets are in the jar?

Here are some of the guesses that have been sent in:

Child T: Maybe 13
Child M: 16
Child P: 16
Child A: 20

Challenge 2: how many bears are in the cup?

Let us know your estimates. How many do you think are in the cup? 

Send your guesses to .

Reception Half Term Challenge

Write out the numbers 0-20 onto some paper/ card, cut them up and then ask a grown up or somebody in your house to mix them up- no peeking!

Ask somebody to time you to see how quickly you can put them into the correct order.  Send in a photo of you with the cards in the correct order and with your fastest time to .

 Who can order the numbers the quickest?

 Get ready! GO!!