Friday, 16 July 2021

Year 6 Activity Week - Take Two

Cookie baking, pizza making and a rather large water fight. 

Thursday saw the return of our Year 6's to school and what a start to being back it was! 

Throughout the morning, the children made delicious chocolate chip cookies- all were consumed, and everyone gave them a massive thumbs up. 

Tortilla wrap pizzas were also made with a variety of toppings- olives, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, onions, peppers. Some looked extremely professional- we may have some chefs in the making! 

Paddling pools, buckets, water pistols and water bombs were scattered across the field! Laughter, screams of delight and dodging and diving away from one another were seen all afternoon. Everyone had a fantastic time and smiles were plastered on everyone's faces.