Monday, 19 July 2021

Year 6 Activity Week - Finale

A fabulous end to finish off the Year 6 activity week was had by all on Friday night. 

The evening started off with pizzas eaten by all- margherita, pepperoni and meat feast. Safe to say Miss Emes went slightly overboard on the order! 

Year 6 were fortunate enough to have Mr Manning set up a campfire. Songs were sung around the campfire; a competition was had as to which class could be the loudest- 6CE were the sure winners. Marshmallows were toasted and s'mores were made; they were delicious and everyone (including some of the adults) had a slight sugar rush! 

Before the sunset, the boys played football and the girls chatted. It was wonderful to see all of their smiling faces and the sound of excited laughter! 

The evening ended with an outdoor cinema provided by 'Movies and Dreams.' It really was a fantastic evening for all that attended. 

It's scary knowing that the academic year is almost over, and that Year 6 have just five, short school days left at Hacton Primary School.