Year 2: Florence Nightingale Workshop

June 07, 2024
On Tuesday, the pupils of Year 2 met Florence Nightingale in an hour long workshop. During the session, the children learnt about Florence's life as a child, her education and her calling to be a nurse to help others. They experienced the conditions of the journey to Scutari hospital in Turkey by role playing being on the long train journey and the boat where the wind howled and the storm raged.

Once at the Crimea, the children took the role of soldiers or nurses and helped to tend to the wounds of the injured whilst learning about the conditions of hospitals prior to the work of Florence Nightingale. The children also learnt about the work of Mary Seacole, a nurse from Jamaica, who also helped soldiers during the Crimean War.

Our Year 2 children are now fully equipped with the tools to learn more about our significant person in history throughout this half term.

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