Year 6: RAF Heritage Museum

November 11, 2022

Last week, Year 6 were lucky enough to be shown around the RAF Heritage Museum in Hornchurch by some of our local historians. The children were shown around 6 different rooms: the WWI room, the Officers' mess, the Homefront room, Battle of Britain room, Bomber command room and the map room. Every room had a different focus and were full of stories, artefacts, pictures and mannequins. A very special visitor even spoke to one class: a veteran from the war who was evacuated as a child. 

The children had the opportunity to try on flying hats and goggles, as well as a pilot jacket. They touched aircraft wheels, sat in a 1939 horsehair armchair and saw how washing used to be done! 

It really was an eye-opening experience and the children loved hearing personal stories told by our local historians.  

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