Wednesday, 9 June 2021

P-HIC: Treasures in my Garden Afternoon Tea

In the final week of half term, the PHIC bubble continued their work with cross-curricular activities, combining Science, D.T and Cooking.

To start with, the children decorated their own biscuits with icing sugar and different toppings; we then learnt about how butter is made before making our own!

Did you know Cream has small drops of fat covered by water – emulsion and when you shake your cream the fat and water separate?  The fat drops stick together and you have made butter as well as buttermilk.

Most of the children predicted that our half-filled jars of whipping cream would not produce butter.  However, after a lot of shaking, the group were amazed that their churning had resulted in the fat and water in the cream separating and making delicious butter.  All tried their homemade butter on crackers as part of our tea party and some even tried the butter milk!

The following day, children wrote instructions of how to make butter – maybe you could give it a go at home?