Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Year 2 Science: Plants

The children in Year 2 became keen gardeners throughout our topic last term. They planted bulbs and seeds in the flowerbeds in the playground and were keen to care for them and help them grow. They also discovered which parts of plants we eat and observed first-hand the speed in which cress grows!

The pupils also made their own mini greenhouse in which they planted a bean, watered it, and then watched it grow. They were filled with amazement each morning when they noticed that their bean had germinated overnight and was growing roots and shoots! Each week, the pupils measured their bean and cress's growth, recording the heights on graphs and charts. 

They then finally got to take their beans home, in the hope that they will plant them in their gardens and watch them grow new plants. 

A great topic Year 2 - thank you for being so green-fingered!