Year 1 Geography: Elf Town

December 17, 2020

Over the last half term, Year 1 have been looking at our local area. The children have learnt that we go to school in a town called Hornchurch in a country called England. They have learnt what a map is and explored things from an aerial view. They have also learnt some of the things that make up our town of Hornchurch, such as jobs, houses, parks, roads, shops and other things to do. 

This week, the children have created their own 'elf-town' using all the key features of a town. They thought about the jobs the elves might do, where they might live and the importance of having a hospital for elves and a veterinary practice for the reindeer. The elves have been well catered for with 'Elfridges', 'Santabury's', 'McElf', 'Elfbury's' and even an 'Elfmark!'

Here are some pictures of them working hard!

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