Times Table Challenge Champion

October 29, 2018
In whole school assemblies, Mr Emes challenges some of our marvellous mathematicians to a quick-fire times table quiz. Children are given 30 seconds to answer as many times table questions as possible in front of the whole school. 6 x 7? 9 x 12? 8 x 4? When the pressure is on, it takes excellent knowldege and keen concentration to become a Times Table Challenge champion.

Our pupils were astonished by one of our Year 3 children when she beat even Year 6 children to achieve 24 correct answers in 30 seconds; an amazing feat!

"I practice my times tables at home so I thought I had a chance of winning. I like getting good at times tables. My mum was really proud of me and we went to a restaurant after school. She bought me a drawing book as well."

Congratulations to our reigning Times Table Challenge champion.

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