Year 4 Visit the British Museum

October 05, 2012
Do you want to know all about mummification? Have you ever wondered how a mummy's brains were removed? What did Ancient Egyptians need to take with them to the afterlife? All these questions and many more can now be answered by our Year 4 pupils who visited the Egyptian galleries at the British Museum on Tuesday.

After an exciting Tube journey, 4DM and 4RW spent the day finding out about Egyptian life and death. They searched the galleries to find answers to all of their questions about life in Ancient Egypt and enjoyed looking at a whole range of Egyptian artefacts. They particularly enjoyed seeing the mummies, wrapped and unwrapped, and the preserved 3,000 year-old bodies and skeletons.

The children were most fascinated by Ginger, the shrivelled remains of an Ancient Egyptian preserved in sand. They were amazed to see that despite his age he still had hair on his head!

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