Bikeability by Year 5

October 16, 2012
Bikeability was taught by three men called Andrew, Trevor and John and a lady called Fiona. We also had Mrs Golding helping along the way. We learnt about safety when cycling along the road. We learnt how to do the 'M check' which is a bike safety check in the shape of an M that starts at the front wheels, moves up to the handlebars, down to the pedals up to the saddle and down to the back wheels. We then learnt the 'clothes check' to make sure that our clothes were suitable for safe cycling.

We started out intense training in the playground and then moved on to the major and minor roads. There were two groups of excited and enthusiastic children. One group went in the morning and the other went in the afternoon. It was great fun to learn how to cycle safely with our friends!

By Stevie-Ana and Lewis, Year 5

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