Hacton 2-1 Elm Park

October 10, 2012
On a Friday afternoon in front of a packed house, Hacton boys played their first game of the season against Elm Park. Hacton started enthusiastically but were caught out by an Elm Park counter attack and went one down. The goal was against the run of play but the Hacton boys kept their heads up and fought on. Silky footed left winger, George led the fight back, running on to a ball from JJ, George slammed his shot against the bar. George could not believe his misfortune and then moments later he hit the post again after a scramble in the box. Elm Park were living a charmed life! Cameron played a precise long pass up the field where JJ attempted an audacious overhead kick which again rattled the post. Surely this couldn't continue. At the back, Owen was like a rock in the centre of defence but Hacton trailed at half time.

Into the second half and a Cameron shot was blocked by a hand in the box and the ref had no choice but to point to the spot. Louie stepped up and placed his shot past the keeper: 1-1! Moments later, Alfie drilled a low screamer into the bottom left hand corner. The crowd, including Mrs Delmonte, went wild! Elm Park had ridden their luck for too long and the win was Hacton's.

Written by George and Cameron

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