Year 6: Hilltop Residential Trip

July 07, 2024

After packing their cases and waving goodbye to their families, our Year 6 pupils set off on the adventure of a lifetime: Hilltop 2024! After a lively coach journey, our Year 6 pupils arrived and quickly organised their rooms (some better than others!) before heading out to see what the week had in store for them! 

Over the course of the week, our pupils have braved the heights of climbing and abseiling, put their faith in gravity with the Power Fan, had the excitement of the Air Jump, the Big Zipper and the swing and have competed in activities such as the assault course and archery. 

This week has seen our pupils push themselves out of their comfort zone, support and encourage each other when the nerves kicked in and celebrate their own and the achievements of their friends. What an amazing bunch of children! 

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