Year 6 Visit Hornchurch Country Park

November 12, 2018
To understand the important role our local area played during both world wars, Year 6 visited Hornchurch Country Park, formerly home to RAF Hornchurch. Our pupils were very fortunate to have a guided tour from Mr Manning who has an extensive knowledge of wartime Hornchurch. They looked at various historical landmarks around the park including pillboxes, Tett turrets and the remains of anti-aircraft gun placements. Mr Manning brought along some of his own wartime artefacts including part of a plane propeller from WW1.

Both children and adults learnt many fascinating facts about the history of the RAF base, how it was used during WW1 and the key role that it played during WW2. Year 6 were amazed to find a site of such historical significance so close to our school.

Thank you Mr Manning for the incredible insight into our local area and thank you also to the parents who accompanied Year 6 on the walk.

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