Year 5 Victorian Day

November 22, 2012
Year 5 pupils experienced a Victorian school day last week. Strict discipline was maintained at all times. Any child who broke the rules had to stand in the corner and wear the dunce hat or worse still receive the cane! Here are some of the children's thoughts on their day:

When I first walked into the classroom I was petrified but I got used to it after a while. (Oscar)

Everyone got their nails checked to see if they were clean. If they were dirty then you would have to wear the dunce hat. (Chloe)

We did handwriting, times tables, a whole lesson on a potato, a Victorian PE lesson and Victorian house building. Mrs Wiggins was really scary and so was Mrs Norman. (Lewis)

To answer a question you needed to stand and then the teacher said your surname and in the playground you could not talk with the girls. Did you know that the Victorian's said that boys were more important than girls! (Filipe)

The boys and girls were separated, the desks were moved around, everyone ended up in the dunce's corner. It was scary. (Jamie)

I got put in the corner because I accidentally gave out too many worksheets. It was really hard. I feel sorry for Victorian children. But at the end of the day it was alright and I enjoyed it. (Ashani)

Victorian day was very scary at first but then it got easier and we all got the hang of it after a while. Our class found it hard to imagine how difficult it would be for a real Victorian child to have to do that every day. Luckily no one got the cane so we were all very happy. (Livi)

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