Year 2: Pizza Express

May 25, 2023

We had to wait ten minutes for our bus to arrive, but once it did (with a great cheer) we set off on our journey. The children enjoyed spotting local landmarks on the way and were extremely well behaved despite their obvious excitement.

We arrived in time and as soon as we entered the restaurant, the children were greeted by the staff and sat at their named places. They then got to the task in hand of perfecting the dough crust, spreading the tomato sauce and adding mozzarella to their pizzas. Some made some beautiful patterns and pictures with the cheese, showing their artistic flair!

Whilst they waited for their pizzas to cook, they were treated to a quiz led by one of the Pizza Express team. They learnt that the longest living olive tree was 2000 years old, the heaviest tomato ever was 3.5kg and that there are 156 tomatoes in a can of tomato passata! Once the pizzas were cooked, we said a huge thank you to the staff and made our way back to school. Hungry and happy, they then tucked into their delicious pizzas just in time for lunch.

What a wonderful morning, 2MS! Grazie! 

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