Hacton 7 - 0 Oakfields

November 17, 2015
The first girls' football match of the season was a great one for Hacton. We started playing down the field, giving us an advantage against Oakfields. It wasn't long before we were 1-0 up thanks to Megan. After her lovely celebration, we kept the ball in their half. 2-0! Another great shot from Megan. What an advantage for us; however, the game wasn't over yet. Within the next five minutes, Poppy came off and on Alice went. Continuing our winning streak, Brooke ran up the field with the ball. Pass, pass again and another amazing goal, this time by Brooke. Kick off was taken and passes were passed. Boom! An absolutely gobsmacking goal by Maddie. We were now 4-0 up. Half Time. Now we had to get the ball up the field; however, we still managed to score. In it goes and that's 5-0 to us. Megan then managed to flick the ball into the goal. 6-0! With about 7 minutes to go, Brooke ran up the field, despite there being 3 defenders at the ready. She kicked the ball backwards quickly, and in it went. The whistle blew with the final score 7-0 to Hacton. Amazing work girls!

By Alice (Year 6)

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