September 27, 2011
We went to Upminster Windmill on the train. The weather was rainy to start with and then it was a bit sunny. When we got there we split up into 2 groups. The first group went inside the windmill while the rest of the class walked around the outside of the windmill. The stairs were very steep and we had to come down them backwards! Mr G Grant taught us how to draw the windmill very quickly. Then we went to the library to see Mrs Grant. She showed us the picture on the wall of the library and she talked about it. Then she read us a story. After that we went to the church hall and had our lunch. When we had finished our lunch we went into St Laurence Church. In the church we looked for the 13 mice (not real ones!) and different objects. Then Deborah showed us the things people wear when they are helping in church and she allowed some of us to try them on. We had lots of fun and we also learnt lots of interesting facts.

By 3AW and Mrs Wiggins

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