Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Year 6: Tag Rugby Tournament and Festival

On Wednesday 1st November, 19 of our Year 6 pupils took part in a tag rugby tournament and festival at May and Baker Rugby Club. There were two different teams, one competing in a festival and the other in a tournament.

Tag Rugby Tournament 

Our tournament team competed against seven other schools. The first game against Branfil started off with a bang: Hacton won 2-0. Yippee! Our next game was against Parsonage Farm and we were beaten 2-1. We were unlucky to lose but despite an injury, the team’s spirits were still high.

After we had a little break and time to build up more energy, we played our second match against Upminster Junior School. Hacton won 1-0 with a brilliant try; everybody was happy! Not long after, we played James Oglethorpe school but unfortunately we lost 1-2.

Lunchtime was over so it was on to our next game. We played Harrow Lodge but sadly we lost. Despite a great try from our team, they scored two more than us. 1-2. Our next game was brilliant against Scargill. With perfect formations and an excellent attack, we won by 1-0. Finally, our last game had come against Rainham Village Primary and we won again! We were so happy to win our last game by 2-0.

Overall, even though we didn’t get through to the quarter finals we had a really good time. Each and every one of us showed determination, perseverance, team work and excellent sportsmanship. We must thank May and Baker Rugby Club and all of the adults involved in the expert coaching!

By the Year 6 Tag Rugby Tournament Team

Tag Rugby Festival

The battle began with the screech of a whistle. Only one team could win. Each team was fighting for a chance to prove themselves. Who would win this battle of tags: Hacton or Harold Court? We fought so hard, yet the first try was scored by Harold Court. Then, another try was scored by our opponents leaving the score 2-0. Sadly, we lost. Despite the tiny bump in the road, our hope was still high.

After that, we were determined more than ever to win. However, despite a sterling effort, we yet again lost 2-0, this time to Branfil.

Game three: this was the one, we were going to win or at the least score! It was a brilliant match against Ardleigh Green and in the end we scored 3 tries! However, they were one step ahead of us and, unfortunately, we lost 4-3.

Even though we had lost every game, that didn’t weaken our resolve. We continued to play with enthusiasm and, in an epic battle, we drew 1-1 with St Josephs.

Finally, it was all over. So who had got into the quarter finals? Sadly, we had not made it through this time but we did win the 'Respect Award'; a very high honour that we were very happy to receive.

Overall, we were proud of what had achieved that day and left with a smile on our faces and a real enthusiasm for Tag Rugby.

By the Year 6 Tag Rugby Festival Team