Wednesday, 29 November 2017

School Council Visit the Mayor of Havering

Our School Council visited the Mayor of Havering, Councillor Linda Van den Hende, in her chambers at the town hall in Romford. After being greeted by a member of support staff, the children were welcomed by the mace bearer and Madame Mayor, who wore her formal, ruby-red dress robes. The children enjoyed an informative question and answer session in the council chambers where they learned more about the Mayor's responsibilities. After question time, they were invited to tour the chambers where they enjoyed pretending to be Mayor, dressing up in her crimson gown. The solid silver ceremonial mace weighed a whopping 5.22kgs and was very expensive, so we thought it was best to look but not touch! The children were also thrilled to receive their very own 'Mayor Bear' as a souvenir of their special trip.

This visit will be long remembered by all the children for Madame Mayor’s consideration, generosity and kindness... despite her hectic schedule!​