Monday, 27 November 2017

Year 3: Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, Year 3 have been planning and preparing for their woodwork making class. They began by evaluating and comparing modern houses with Tudor houses. There are many obvious distinguishing features that the children were able to highlight. The black and white exterior is very prominent on the Tudor style house as well as the structure of the buildings.

After comparing the buildings, they began to design their own Tudor houses and think about the step by step guide they needed to follow in order to complete their project. Finally, the day arrived where they were given the opportunity to use woodwork equipment to build their very own model of a Tudor house. With the help of some very kind parents, Year 3 used saws, bench hooks and sandpaper to create the frame for their Tudor house. The children were all very proud of their achievements and, thankfully, all fingers remained intact!