Monday, 13 November 2017

Year 5 Literacy: World War One

This term, in Literacy, Year 5 are reading a very exciting book called War Horse. This book is themed around World War One. We started to read this book so we could appreciate how the soldiers who fought during the war would have felt in the most appalling conditions.

This war topic is also linked to our History and so our half term homework was to complete one of three activities, either to: build a trench, create a poster or produce a presentation. However, each needed to identify a parapet, duckboards, barbed wire and an ammunition store.

Written by Luke (Year 5)

I made a WW1 trench and it was fun making it.  I used: brown icing for the sandbags, Lego for the beds, lolly sticks for the ladders and for the wood on the walls.  Also, I used wire wool which feels just like barbed wire and brown paint, to paint the box.

'To build my trench I used the facts I learnt at school.  I made it out of cardboard and used paper to construct sandbags; I used lolly sticks and pop sticks for the duckboards.'