Thursday, 30 November 2017

Cooking Club Party

On the Wednesday 29th November 2017, Cookery Club decided to have a party with all the glamorous and kind teachers. Some of us decorated scrumptious ginger biscuits with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. One of us chose to make cupcakes, one of us made ice-cream and one of us made an Oreo cheesecake. Mrs Dibble and Mrs Perry cooked chocolate orange cookies. Every single thing was delicious.

We invited Mr Emes, Mr Coombes, Miss Campbell, Miss Claridge, Miss Wells, Miss Hornsby and all of the Year 1 teachers. We made glasses of orange juice for people who were thirsty. At last it was time for the teachers to leave and for the whole of cooking club to go home, our tummies full of sweet treats.

By the children of Cooking Club