Friday, 17 November 2017

Fundraising for Children in Need

Pupils entered into the fundraising spirit with a non-uniform day to support Children in Need. In today's whole school assembly, Mrs Leslie spoke about the work of this important charity and the ways in which our small donations will make a big difference to the lives of disadvantaged children living in the UK. Thank you to parents and pupils for helping our school raise over £450!

E for Effort

Every week, teachers recognise pupils in their class who have made an extra effort. These pupils are presented with the E for Effort cup during our whole school assembly.

Congratulations to all the wonderful children who made an extra effort this week.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Year 5 Literacy: World War One

This term, in Literacy, Year 5 are reading a very exciting book called War Horse. This book is themed around World War One. We started to read this book so we could appreciate how the soldiers who fought during the war would have felt in the most appalling conditions.

This war topic is also linked to our History and so our half term homework was to complete one of three activities, either to: build a trench, create a poster or produce a presentation. However, each needed to identify a parapet, duckboards, barbed wire and an ammunition store.

Written by Luke (Year 5)

I made a WW1 trench and it was fun making it.  I used: brown icing for the sandbags, Lego for the beds, lolly sticks for the ladders and for the wood on the walls.  Also, I used wire wool which feels just like barbed wire and brown paint, to paint the box.

'To build my trench I used the facts I learnt at school.  I made it out of cardboard and used paper to construct sandbags; I used lolly sticks and pop sticks for the duckboards.'

Year 1: Jam Sandwiches

In Literacy, Year 1 have been making jam sandwiches. They have learnt about ‘bossy verbs’ and they now know their real name too - imperative verbs. The children gave instructions to each other and made a delicious sandwich; they even made some extra for the Office Staff!

Year 4: Gamelan

Year 4 enjoyed a morning of immersing themselves in Gamelan, the music of Indonesia. To begin, the headteacher of a school for music and dance from the island of Java taught our pupils a song called 'Jaranan'. They then learnt the dance moves, which made it clear that the song was about a horse.

The tuneful children then used a range of Gamelan instruments to play a melody that occurs between the verses of song. Instruments, they were told, were to be respected and Gamelan players are always very careful to walk around their instruments, instead of stepping over them, as a sign of respect.

By the end of the session the whole class could play a variety of instruments and sing the Gamelan song with it. It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Remembrance at Hacton

Our pupils have been thinking about the effects of war on people’s lives, both now and in the past.

Reception children have painted some lovely poppies that they have added to their remembrance displays.

In Year 6, the children read some famous war poems and then, after taking time to reflect, they wrote their own poems from the point of view of children affected by war. We are sure you will agree that their poems stir many emotions which are associated with this time of remembrance.

Lest we forget.​

The Havering Cross Country Championships

On a chilly but (thankfully!) dry November morning, 24 of our pupils descended on Stubbers Adventure Centre to race in the Havering Cross Country Championships. With 25 schools from across the borough competing in the four races, an incredible 600 junior children were in attendance.

On a chilly but (thankfully!) dry November morning, 24 of our pupils descended on Stubbers Adventure Centre to race in the Havering Cross Country Championships. With 25 schools from across the borough competing in the four races, an incredible 600 junior children were in attendance. With many of our team having practised in the weeks leading up to the event, we felt prepared, excited and ready to race.

After a warm up and final talk about starting and finishing strategies, the first race - Year 3 and 4 girls - got underway. I didn't have to wait long to see our first runner appear at the end of the 1,200m course. Our Year 4 pupil made light work of a hill at the very end, finishing an incredible 6th in a field of around 150 runners. Her team mates soon followed; it seemed like a solid team performance, but we'd have to wait to find out the team results.

Next up were the Year 3 and 4 boys. Three runners from last year were joined by three new pupils, making an impressive team. The boys set off like rockets! Soon, finishers began to emerge; I couldn't believe it when four of our boys - closely followed by their team mates - emerged together then sprinted for the line, all finishing in the top 20! Again, we'd have to wait to find out our team placing.
Soon the Year 5 and 6 girls began. Showing no sign of their pre-race nerves, the team, four of whom raced last year, did absolutely brilliantly on the longer 2,000m course. Again, I didn't have to wait long to see a Hacton pupil powering towards the finish; our Year 5 pupil finished in an amazing 9th place. Her team mates also finished highly, all of them showing that they had a little left in the tank for a quick finish!

Finally, the last race of the day - the Year 5 and 6 boys. After a long wait in which they gave plenty of encouragement to our younger pupils, our boys were off. Soon, they came speeding towards the finish, with another of our talented Year 5 athletes leading the way in a fantastic 8th place. One of our Year 6 pupils also achieved an impressive top-20 finish, with his team mates coming in just seconds behind to bring the team home.

Later that day, we discovered our team scores; Year 5 and 6 boys finished in an excellent 8th place, Year 5 and 6 girls finished in a brilliant 4th place, and our Year 3 and 4 girls and boys teams finished in a quite fantastic 2nd place!  I am incredibly proud of the effort that the whole team put in, and can't wait to see many of you compete again next year. Keep on running!

Miss Claridge (P.E. Coordinator)