Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Girls' Football: Hacton vs Gidea Park

With the turf settled and the grass growing, our new school field was finally ready to be put to the test. The girls' football team played a great game against Gidea Park Primary and they have written this report:

The girls' football team played a home cup match against Gidea Park Primary. The startling screech of the whistle meant it was time to do our best. We started with the ball and within seconds we were down the line into the other team’s side of the pitch. It was going so well and, with a few attempts to shoot, we almost scored within minutes. Unfortunately, they tackled and got the ball down our side of the pitch. We tried tackling them but despite our efforts, we could not take possession of the ball. They scored. However, we were not downhearted; in fact it would give us the determination to power through. The score was now 0-1 and yet again we were back in the other team's half, but then out of nowhere they ran back to our half and they scored, twice! 

The whistle was blown but, despite the frustrating defeat, we played well and had fun working together as a team.