Friday, 20 June 2014

Sealyham 2014 - Day 5

On this our penultimate day of activities, climbing and abseiling were on the cards for groups 1 and 2 as they headed to the picturesque St David's Head whilst Group 3 built rafts and set sail around a VERY breezy lake!

For groups 1 and 2 conquering fears, encouraging their friends and watching Mrs Golding (Spiderwoman!) descend from the cliffs were just a few of the adventures on offer. All children gave both the activities their best shot and should feel very proud of themselves.

Group 3 learnt new skills whilst sailing and even enjoyed the opportunity to observe some of the local wildlife. In the afternoon, they worked as a team to construct secure rafts and had great fun sailing and eventually capsizing them!

Following this evening's trim trail (in which Miss Morris sported the latest headgear: a mouse style shower cap) and games activities, children gathered for the England match. With flags in hand and optimistic cheers, the disappointing result left Mr Pinkham gently sobbing in the corner. The children's spirits were not dampened until Miss Morris broke the news that they needed to start thinking about packing their cases! Booooo!