Friday, 6 June 2014

A (Midsummer Night's) Dream Performance

Krazy Kat Theatre Company returned to our school to delight us with another engaging performance based on a classic tale. This year, we were treated to a wonderfully creative and humorous adaptation of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Elaborate costumes, puppets, music and drama brought the twists and turns of this colourful comedy to life. Children remained enthralled throughout as the three energetic performers displayed their mastery of visual storytelling.

Our hearing impaired pupils were overjoyed that the actors signed while they performed; all of our children could thoroughly enjoy the fantastic production. Thank you again to the Krazy Kat Theatre Company for another superb performance and for spending time with our pupils after the show.

Ahmed: "I liked the man in the box because he was naughty and cheeky. He was very funny. The box trick was very clever and funny."
Lewis: "I liked it when the donkey winked his eye - he had to pull the eyelashes to make it wink!"
Annerose: "I liked it when the lady and the man pulled the red ribbon and his pants popped out. I found it funny and enjoyable and I laughed and laughed. I loved the show."