Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sealyham 2014 - Day 2

Following a very bright and very early start, day 2 of the Sealyham life commenced. Under a blazing sun and cloudless sky, our three thrill seeking groups set out for their day of activities. Group 1 began their day with a mighty splash as they leapt from rocks, danced in waves and battled against the force of the mighty sea! On land however, with bows and arrows in hand, Hacton's very own Robin Hoods (Group 2) set out to demonstrate some super shooting! So precise were their skills, they even earnt the use of their cutlery by competing a precision target challenge. Up in the trees, Group 3 soared through the high ropes, demonstrating agility, balance and a head for heights. 

The afternoon saw roles reversed, as Group 1 took to the archery range whilst Groups 2 and 3 took on water based challenges. Group 2 rode the waves at Newgale beach, with a number of children even managing to stand on their boards. Elsewhere, Group 3 boarded their kayaks to paddle, play games and explore a local lake.

The day ended with Groups 1 and 2 completing the Nightline whilst Group 3 tackled an altogether more muddy challenge... the Trim Trail! Modelling a rather attractive shower cap, Mr Pinkham led his muddy brigade to swim through the delightful swamps and streams surrounding the Sealyham mansion! Great fun was had by all as another action packed day awaits us.