Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sealyham 2014 - Day 4

As the morning sun peeped through the clouds, children in 3 makeshift tents lay quietly waiting for their morning alarm... a roar of "Wake up!". Memories of the camp fire, marshmallow toasting, BBQ hotdogs and evening games were fresh in mind as the group slowly made their way back to the house for a well needed cooked breakfast.

All aboard their sailing boats, Group 1 learned to sail whilst dodging the bulrushes (some more successfully than others!). Elsewhere, Group 2 worked as a team to build rafts suitable to transport them across a blue lagoon. Group 3 perfected their body boarding skills as they took to the beach with warm sun smiling down on them.

Groups 1 and 2 reversed roles for the afternoon whilst Group 3 fired some arrows in archery. Unfortunately, Mr Pinkham's archery skills left him eating his tea with no cutlery (a forfeit for being way off target)... Miss Morris was not impressed by the lack of table etiquette!

As the evening drew in, Groups 1 and 2 played a variety of exciting games while Group 3 demonstrated great team work and skills to complete he muddy assault course.

All children are having a fantastic time and are making us proud with beautiful behaviour, impressive organisation and terrific team work. See you all soon!