Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sealyham 2014 - Day 3

Beautiful sunshine woke our Sealyham pupils on the third day of their big adventure. This was a perfect day for activities involving water. Group one took to the waves with the sun smiling down on them whilst Group 2 boarded their kayaks for a morning of paddling! Skimming the rocks, jumping from new heights and swimming in the glorious sea were just the start of an exciting day of coasteering for Group 3.

For the first time this week, all three groups joined together for an afternoon of sun, sand, sea and ice cream, as we made our way to Broadhaven beach. The children enjoyed diving in the waves, playing Brazillian beach football and building sand castles.

Now the evening bivi will push all three groups to the limit as they head to the woods for a nighttime camp...