Thursday, 21 November 2019

Year 6 History: The Holocaust

Year 6 developed their knowledge and understanding of one of the darkest aspects of World War 2 with some very important visitors. They were joined by Bob and Ann Kirk, who lived through the extreme discrimination of the Holocaust.

The children listened respectfully as Bob and Ann described what life was like for them in Nazi Germany: their haunting childhood memories of burning synagogues, hiding from the Nazis, living in constant fear of the Gestapo and how their parents were ultimately forced to let them go so they would be safe. Young children without parents to accompany them, Bob and Ann made the long journey to Britain aboard the Kindertransport to escape the antisemitism sweeping Germany at the time.

We can't thank Bob and Ann enough for travelling a long way to share their very moving memories with us. We would also like to thank the Holocaust Educational Trust for helping us to arrange such a humbling and important educational experience.​