Monday, 25 November 2019

Year 3 History: Trip to Layer Marney Tower

Year 3 visited Layer Marney Tower to support their autumn History topic, The Tudors. The tallest Tudor gatehouse in England was built in the 1520s by Lord Henry Marney and, nearly 500 years later, offered the children a fun-filled educational day out. Year 3 took part in several workshops throughout the exciting and memorable day. They learnt all about Tudor knights and their armour, which led to an archery lesson. Another workshop focused on the typical Tudor diet. The children were shocked to discover that the Tudors feasted on such delights as blackbird pie and worm porridge!

After climbing 99 stairs to reach the top of the tower (avoiding the trap door that Lord Marney used to fight off his enemies), Year 3 were rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Well done to 3PP, 3AS and 3GB for their excellent behaviour and attitude on this trip. They were a credit to Hacton. Thank you also to the parents who helped out; we hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as the children did.