Thursday, 21 November 2019

School Council: Anti-Bullying March

School Councils from the local area joined together to march through Upminster, highlighting the issue of bullying.

As children struggle to control the world around them, they can sometimes be unkind to others. When this happens repeatedly, we call it bullying. Raising awareness helps our community recognise bullying behaviours so we can stop them and support those who feel bullied.

Our School Council took the train to join the School Council Alliance at Upminster Junior. After feedback from parents, our School Council is now a boy and a girl from each class.

Over 100 children from local schools marched from Upminster Junior. They waved banners and chanted "change starts with us!" to highlight the issue of bullying. People out shopping in Upminster stopped and stared, asked questions and smiled encouragingly to see children taking an active role in making the world a happier place.