Monday, 4 November 2019

Our School Council

The School Council is the voice of our pupils. It aims to improve our school while ensuring all decision making is fair and democratic.

With elections completed and badges presented, the council had a very busy first meeting. Members' roles were decided and the school council code of conduct was agreed. Most years, we have about the same number of boys and girls in the school council. We were surprised to discover that, this year, our pupils had voted for boys in every class. The School Council is led by a female teacher to guide the children and ensure that all decisions made are fully inclusive.
School Council Code of Conduct
  1. Take care of each other e.g. older members can support the younger members.
  2. We don’t leave anybody out.
  3. Always put your hand up.
  4. We always support the majority decision.
  5. Don’t shout out.
  6. Always listen to the person speaking.
  7. Always give your class an update.
  8. Try our best to make the school better.
  9. Always attend school council meetings unless we are not at school.
  10. We must always report back to our classes and share their views (not just our own).
The council members are looking forward to an exciting year of discussion, decision-making and democracy.