Thursday, 4 July 2019

Sealyham 2019: Day 4

Another exciting day dawned for our Sealyham adventurers with plenty of challenges still to face.

Group 1 had a cold wake up call with Coasteering. They clambered over rocks, jumped the cliffs and enjoyed a swim. In the afternoon, teamwork skills were tested in a range of activities including the Trim Trail.

Group 2 also found themselves caked in mud as they took part in their own Trim Trail. Coasteering in the afternoon also saw the group face the rugged coastline.

Group 3 absolutely aced raft building. They learnt how to make a compression raft, row in time (mostly) and battle windy conditions. The group's raft stayed together and only had a couple of rowers fell in; who then became very handy outboard motors. During bushcraft, Group 3 learnt how to build a shelter, start a fire, filter water and make nettle tea. They are now prepared for anything!

Group 4 joined in the muddy fun with their own experience of the notorious Trim Trail.

The day was rounded off beautifully with a get together on the glorious Broadhaven beach. Sun, sand, beach games and large ice creams made for a perfect evening, as everyone basked in the glow of an amazing sunset.