Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Sealyham 2019: Day 3

Waking from their well-deserved sleep, our Hacton thrill-seekers prepared for another action-packed day of activities.

Group 1 began the day with a lesson in bushcraft, learning the skills needed to survive in the wild. These included building a den and lighting a fire. In the afternoon, the young adventurers kayaked in the beautiful, natural environment.

Group 2 also took to the water but they didn't have the luxury of a boat made for them... they had to build it themselves. Thank goodness for wet suits!

Group 3 started their day riding the waves. The sun shone and the sea was perfect for surfing. Many members of the group even managed to stand up on their board. After lunch, it was time for challenging team games and the infamous Trim Trail. Let's just say that everyone enjoyed a natural mud spa for free! Even after a dip in a river, a hose down and a nice long, hot shower we are still finding mud everywhere.

Group 4 had their share of challenges as they braved the high ropes before building and sailing their own rafts in the idyllic surroundings of a sunny Pembrokeshire.