Monday, 1 July 2019

Activity Week 2019: Day 1

Activity Week began with a fantastic trip to Adventure Island. A group of Year 6 pupils took the fast train to Southend on a glorious Monday morning. When they had arrived, the children sat on the beach for a little while before the main attraction: the rides.

Favourites included: the Claw - which spun our young thrill-seekers upside down, sideways and all over the place; Axis - a huge pendulum that swung, spun and twisted upside-down over 100ft in the air; Vortex - a ride that spun around; Pharoah's Fury - that twisted and turned around and around. After waiting for their tummies to stop churning, our Year 6 pupils relaxed in the sun with a delicious ice cream. As they headed home, the children talked happily about their brilliant day filled with fun.