Monday, 13 May 2019

Year 4 Music: 'Disco Dancers'

Year 4 have learnt the final song of their recorder unit of work, 'Disco Dancers'. During their weekly Music lessons with Miss Vlasic, the children have been introduced to new notes on the recorder. This song includes the note D to bring the total number of notes that the woodwind wonders can play to 5: B, A, G, E, D.

We have been so impressed that children of all musical abilities have worked hard to learn the recorder, learn notation and perform together in almost perfect harmony. Top tunes Year 4!

Our pupils have found their music lessons extremely rewarding:

"I am so impressed by how much we have learnt on the recorder in such a short space of time."

"It was really hard to go between D and E but after lots of practice, it was much easier."

"It was so hard learning the recorder at first but I am proud we all got the hang of it eventually!"

"I thought going from note D to A was really hard as it was a big change in how many fingers you had to use!"

"I like learning the recorder and am really sad the course is over!"