Sunday, 12 May 2019

Reception: Bedtime for Monsters

Reception children have recently finished reading 'Bedtime for Monsters' by Ed Vere. The unit of work began when Reception classes went to the hall for PE and returned to find their classrooms in a terrible state! Monsters had been there had knocked over chairs, poured juice on the tables and made a huge mess with some of the children's favourite classroom resources. What a shock!

After reading the book and finding out that these monsters were actually friendly, children decided they would like to go on their own monster hunt in the Reception play area. The intrepid explorers had fun finding their way through the scratchy forest and gloopy swamp before exploring the cold, snowy mountains and sneaking up the creaky stairs. Eventually, everyone made it back to their classroom and had lots to share about their adventures.

It was lovely to hear the children talking about their favourite parts of the journey and sharing their stories about the monster hunt. Some children even decided to write all about it and draw their own marvellous monster maps.