Monday, 13 May 2019

Literacy Week in Year 1

Year 1 had an exciting Literacy Week theming activities in every subject around The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

In English, Year 1 watched a short clip of Lucy entering the wardrobe and then predicted what she might find. On a walk through the school, the children were surprised and amazed to find a door which, when opened, led to a snowy 'Narnia'. The children lay in the 'snow' and discussed the adjectives they could use to describe the magical land. When they returned to class, they showcased all they had learnt about adjectives this term by writing a description of Narnia.

In Science, Year 1 tested the effect of salt on ice, exploring how it could be used to people safe on an icy day.  In PE, the children loved working in teams to use the PE equipment to make their own snowman and then playing a snowball game where they had to defend their cone towers from being knocked down by other teams.

Theming activities across the curriculum was a great way to explore the C.S. Lewis's classic story and, importantly for Year 1, it was fun.