Monday, 26 June 2017

Sealyham 2017: Mrs Leslie Reflects on a Wonderful Week

With my clothes washed, sleep caught up on and normality resumed, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the week which has just passed. We were privileged to take away 35 excited children, ready to take on new challenges and push themselves to the limits and they certainly did not let anyone down. As the coach pulled up outside the Queen's Theatre, I looked down the aisle and saw 35 brave, increasingly independent young people (albeit tired and muddy ones!) who had conquered their fears and had made memories which I know will stay with them forever. As always, they made our school incredibly proud: beautiful manners, teamwork and determination to do what we do best at Hacton, achieving personal excellence.

Thank you for a great week Year 6; Sealyham 2017 was certainly full of #hactonadventures!

Mrs Leslie